Лечебно-оздоровительные комплексы

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    Отзыв. Хорошая клиника. Отличный сервис.
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    Лечебно-оздоровительный комплекс
    Поляна ул. Курортная, 3
    Отзыв. I stayed 14 days at Sonyachny and here is my detailed review. Pros: 1. Facility: clean, great interior design. Outside looks very good and relaxing. 2. Location: Awesome and far away from the roads. Sonyachny is located right by the mountains and the walking passes. View from my room on 4th floor was amazing!!! 3. Communication over the phone: 10 out of 10! Most of my calls were answered by the third ring, like most respectful businesses in USA do. If my call was not answered, I always got a timely call back. Communication over the phone was respectful, friendly and pleasant. 4. Check in process: Flexible, nice and easy 5. Front Desk Personal: always nice and helpful. Special thanks to Natasha, she was very kind and help me with many questions. 6. Health Procedures: I took sharko shower, massage (back and legs) with Edik, Salt Room, Stone therapy and Facial with Marina. I was very pleased with every procedure. The personal was very polite, punctual and nice. 7. Exceeding expectation: I checked in very late at 10pm. I was exhausted after the trip, but I was so surprised to see that someone cared about me and placed a dinner in my room. It was so kind of them. Cons: 1. Food: very mediocre and must be improved! As a dietitian I was very disappointed and upset that no one at the Sonyachny Health Complex knew the basic food science. Balanced diet and correct combination of macro and micro nutrients is essential to maintain health. I think Sonyachny Health Complex should employ a professional dietitian to review food and diet the Health Complex serves. I stayed at Sonyachny for 14 days and on average food served consisted of 70%-85% carbs, 8%-5% protein and about 20%-10% fat; over 2,500 calories per day Most calories were empty, meaning the source of the calories was mainly low-quality quick carbs, like mashed potatoes. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner were deficient in pretty much all vitamins. Average daily sugar intake was 50 grams, which is way over recommended daily intake. I asked kitchen manager, Oksana, what was the reason for such a poor diet and she explained that at Sonyachny they follow diets titled table 1 (Стол 1), table 5 (Стол 5) and so one. I made my research and the food served was far from the diet described in table 5 (Стол 5) for example. 2. Housekeeping: Needs to be trained on how to do their job. Since I don`t like to be bothered, most of my stay I had Do not disturbed sign on my door. I asked for the housekeeping service only once and I was disappointed: my bed was changed, new towels given, and garbage was emptied, but that`s about it. No toilet paper provided, glasses were not cleaned. It looked like housekeeping didn`t vacuum or clean the floor. Table and bathtub were also dirty. I had to call for the housekeeping again and have them to re- clean my room. 3. Gym and weight loss programs: Misleading!!! Sonyachny`s website was not updated and still shows that Sonyachny has a gym and various weight loss programs, however when I arrived the gym was permanently closed and a lady managing weight loss programs was on vacation. 4. Room: needs to be remodeled. Overall my room was ok, but I would suggest to the management to update TV to the flat screen and fix the bathtub (it had black mold). 5. Doctor: I am allergic to the cigarette smoke and I was shocked that the main doctor of the Sonyachny ***Health*** Complex not only smokes, but his office smells like cigarettes. Overall, I think Sonyachny has very great potential and with few improvements, the right management and proper training it could achieve the Europe-like and USA-like level of service.
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    Лечебно-оздоровительный комплекс
    Черче ул. І.Франка, 109
    Отзыв. Уютно, приветливый вежливый персонал, можно заказывать еду.
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    Лечебно-оздоровительный комплекс
    г. Трускавец ул. Суховоля, 25а
    Отзыв. Прекрасний готель, дуже приємний сервіс. Там усього 11 номерів, але все в дуже хорошому стані. Єдине: не було одноразових капців, що було б дуже доречно, оскільки наш номер був з балконом. Особливий респект дівчині на рісепшн, яка нас зустріла прямо на вулиці, і була дуже приязною і приємною. Сніданок за 95 гривень досить ситний. Не завжди маж сенс брати увесь, простіше щось замовити за меню.
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